Gmina on paintings

The Gmina’s flag and coat of arms were chosen pursuant to resolution No. XVII/193/99 by the Council of the Gmina of Zabierzów on October 7th, 1999.

Coat of arms:

On the two-part shield the first red field (heraldic right) shows a rising silver griffin with a golden beak and paws (family coat of arms of Jaksa of Miechów, the original owner of Zabierzów). The second blue field (heraldic left) shows a knight in silver armour, wearing a helmet with a closed beaver and six ostrich feathers and holding a Norman red shield at his feet, showing two golden church flags, one above the other (the family crest of Stanisław Kmita).


The flag is divided into four parallel stripes in white, red, yellow
and light blue. The top stripe extends to half the flag’s width while the remaining part of the flag is divided into three equal parts in red, yellow and light blue (in proportion 1/3, 1/3, 1/3). The centre of the top white stripe shows the Gmina’s coat of arms. The proportion of the flag’s width to its length is 06:10.