wojt elżbieta burtanDear All,
I would like to welcome you warmly to the official website of the Gmina of Zabierzów. I am sure that it will encourage you to visit our Gmina and develop close ties with us.
Our Gmina is treasured for its rich history, scenic landscapes, kind people and natural and unspoilt environment. You will find very good conditions for living and investing here. What makes our Gmina convenient for inhabitants and investors are: Krakow International Airport, located in our Gmina, a valid zoning plan, a modern educational infrastructure, a sports and leisure centre with an indoor swimming pool, a sports and entertainment arena and fast and convenient transport links with Krakow. We can also offer a range of possibilities for active leisure pursuits. The great potential that the Gmina of Zabierzów has, together with its propects for dynamic and sustainable growth, guarantee satisfaction for all those who live, relax and invest nowhere else but here.

Voit of Zabierzów
Elżbieta Burtan

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